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Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them They have developed the opportunity that was at hand Bruce Barton

Textiles exports of Pakistan constitutes 56% of the total exports amounting to $10.1 bn in 2010 and is growing at 6.3 % per annum approx. Pakistan textile exports accounts for only 1.55% of the world textile exports and have grown at a rate of23.1%inonly last 6 months Thus it is evident that the fields of textiles have exponential growth possibilities We at Orient textiles with the same believe started our journey in the field of fabric weaving in the year 2001 with one of the most high tech airjet weaving mill in the country by the name of Orient textile mills. With the hands on expertise, in the year 2010 the company moved in the field of made up exports and domestic apparel arena. From there onwards we have never looked back and are continuously exploring diferent areas of textile made ups with home textiles being backbone. The company has grown to a turnover of $25mn in just a single year from scratch and we believe that there are still a lot of areas that we have not explored. With this believe in mind that textiles will grow in our part of the world a major expansion is underway by the name of Ebrahim textile mills. With quality professionals we plan to make Ebrahim textiles a green factory that efficiently utilizes minimal natural resources and produces the best quality products at a very competitive prices.